Macromedia Flash Player 9 for x86 Linux
Frequently Asked Questions

1. I installed the RPM package but Flash does not work.

   Open a terminal and run /usr/lib/flash-plugin/setup.

   If you do not see any error messages, then it probably worked.  Be 
   sure to fully close your web browsers and run it again from scratch 
   before testing the Flash plugin for the first time.

   In any Mozilla compatible browser, open "about:plugins" within the 
   URL bar and it should show a list of all installed plugins.
   You should see "Shockwave Flash" somewhere in that list.

2. Flash is still not available in a browser.

   You may have installed a browser in a non-standard location.
   Please read the top of the setup script in order to
   see the standard browser locations.  You may edit the setup 
   script installed on your system to add non-standard locations. 

3. Flash Plugin works, but I have problems on certain websites.

   Please visit Adobe's Flash Player Support Center.
   This site only supports the installer, not the closed source binary.

4. I need Shockwave!
   Shockwave is a separate plugin often used for some web page games. 
   The only way to use Shockwave plugin within Linux is with 
   CodeWeavers CrossOver Plugin.  CrossOver Plugin runs many Windows 
   browser plugins in Linux fairly well, and at very low cost.

5. Where is Flash for PowerPC or x86-64 Linux?

   It does not exist probably because Adobe management feel there is no demand.
   Contact Adobe and express your opinion if you truly care about this.

6. What if I use Debian?

   Install flashplugin-nonfree from Debian contrib unstable.
   If this fails, you must seek help from the Debian community.

7. What if I use Gentoo?

   emerge netscape-flash
   If this fails, you must seek help from the Gentoo community.

8. What if I use Red Hat Enterprise Linux?

   RHEL distributes flash-plugin on the Extras CD, which is essentially the same
   package distributed here.

9. How do I setup yum to install this package automatically on Fedora?
   Get the adobe-release package from Adobe.

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